What to expect <br>from Pivot

What to expect
from Pivot

About Pivot

Pivot Wealth is a Money Management firm that specialises in helping young professionals make smart money decisions. Our aim is to help each one of our clients set up a clear and easy to follow path from where they are now to the money and lifestyle outcomes they want for the future.

We operate and invest with ethics and integrity – it pays dividends on many levels

When working with clients we focus on Financial Education to help you take action and do this with confidence.

At Pivot we’ve found there are three things you need to nail to get great outcomes from your money:

  • Structure – Your money management needs to be set up in a way to make it easy to get the results you want
  • Smart Strategy – Having a solid plan so you’re clear on what choices are the best for you
  • Solid Investments – You need to back up your strategy with investments that give you the best chance of getting the results you’ve planned for – avoid the hype and avoid the extra risk!

These are the three areas we work through with each of our clients to help set up a money strategy that will give the best outcomes for YOU.


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Ben Nash
Our Director

Ben Nash

Founder and Financial Adviser
B.Comm, M.B.L., M.App.Fin

Ben Nash is a Financial Adviser and the Founder of Pivot. He started Pivot to help young professionals set up a clear and easy to follow game plan for their money. Ben’s focus is to empower his clients to make the best financial choices for them and take action with total confidence.