#225 Money news in human words; Stamp duty gone, USD & AUD investing, ApplePay later & scam alert

Ben Nash

In this episode, I cover money news in human words, where I talked about the potential for stamp duty being abolished in New South Wales. Whether now is a good time to be buying the US investments based on the Aussie dollar being so weak, as well as some of the forecasts around where things are going.

We talked about Apple moving into the Buy now pay later (BNLP), and some of the social commentaries around the massive rise in property prices, not being reflected in inflation data and consumer price indexes. And the fact that actually, consumers are much further behind than what the numbers are shown. I also talked about some recent scam activity, a warning for potential investors and what the New South Wales public service strike off the back of an offer of a 3% wage increase means for wage growth across the broader economy.

This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to demystify the headlines and understand how to cut through that noise and figure out what the money news means for them.


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