#249 Money news in human words; worst super funds, house price decline, tax cuts, & ETH merge

Ben Nash

In this week’s Money news in human words, I unpacked the key stories behind the headlines and what they mean for your money.

I talked about the worst-performing super funds in Australia that collectively manage over $20 billion of member funds and how to choose a good super fund. I chat about the property market, the fact that new loans are at decade-low rates and what that means for property price declines that we’re seeing around the country. Some good news in tax cuts that are coming, what they mean, as well as one interesting strategy that you can use to build your investments more tax effectively.

I talked about our mate Mike Cannon Brookes and how he’s spending his one-and-a-half billion dollars green energy fund, venture capital firms and tech. Whether they’re to blame with these tech companies that are firing people by the bucket load at the moment, as well as the Ethereum merge and how to build a hundred thousand dollars through investments.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to understand what’s beyond the headlines and what it means for them.

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