#257 Money news in human words; UK meltdown, RBA too aggressive, land tax & rents skyrocketing

Ben Nash

In this week’s Money news in human words, I unpacked what’s going on in the UK and the market meltdown that they’re seeing there. What does their new government up to, what we should be looking out for in Australia & as investors based on the craziness that’s happening there, and whether Central banks breaking too hard on the economy. The Queensland scrapping of the land tax measures, which had now created a lot more certainty for property investors and on the property market vein skyrocketing rents in Australia with the 178 new suburbs where the average price is above the million dollar mark.

I also talked about the new data that’s coming out showing that wages might be growing a little faster than what the ABS statistics are actually telling us.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to see through the headlines and figure out what it means for their money & their investments.

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