#260 How to buy property the smart way in 2022

Ben Nash

This episode is a recording of an online event I did on How to buy property the smart way in 2022. I talked through the key things that people should be thinking about to make smart decisions today. Some of the tips, hacks, and strategies that can make your life easier when it comes to property and what you should be looking out for. Also got a lot of really interactive Q&A from people that were asking about some of the basics around their property decision-making. I think particularly with what’s going on with interest rates and the market at the moment, it’s really massive one for people, a lot of fear out there and indecision, but also gives a lot of opportunities.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to build wealth, thinking about the property that wants to cut through the noise by figuring out what they need to know and all the questions that they need to ask themselves to make the best property decisions.


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