Advice is expensive

Ben Nash


  • The average benefit our clients make from our advice is $71,203 p.a.
  • If you want results, you should use an adviser that’s results focused
  • When you consider the real cost of a financial plan you need to include the cost AND financial benefit 
  • Our advice pays for itself on average within year one

We’ve calculated that the cost of not taking action with your money averages out to $71,203 per year. 

At Pivot, we’re a bit anal about tracking client results. One way we do this is by projecting how our clients’ financial position will progress over time based on what they’re doing when they come to us compared against the financial trajectory they choose to follow after going through our planning process. 

We call this advice upside

We’ve just pulled together the data from the last year and have found that our advice upside for the people we’ve worked with averages out to $71,203 p.a. 

Now let me ask, how much would you pay for an extra $71,203 in wealth each and every single year?

An adviser that plays at the surface level can make you feel really good about your money. But playing at the surface level won’t deliver results.

At Pivot we do things the other way around and start at the end. We focus on the results you want, and build every part of our process to make these happen. 

Good advice shouldn’t be a cost, but a profit centre. Sure, you could use an average advice company that delivers average results and save a few bucks. A lot of people fall into this trap through their focus on the cost alone, ignoring the opportunity cost.

It seems simple when you look at it, but in assessing the cost of any option you need to factor in the cost AND the amount of money you’ll make – the ‘net cost’. 

You can see from the numbers here that given the average financial upside of our advice is $71,203, so long as the cost of the help to get there is lower than this number you’re ahead. 

And here’s the thing. The average annual benefit is something you’ll receive EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This means that the cost of our advice is paid back on average within the first year, then every year beyond this you’re into clear profit territory

You can learn more about our services, how and what we charge in this brochure, and we’ve put together a quick video talking it through here.

Look forward to continuing the conversation.

BenPS: if you want to hear more about the impact of our work, you can listen to our clients talk about it in their own words here, or check out our 60+ five star Google reviews here.