DIY, get help, or procrastinate?

Ben Nash

The reality is that at this point you only have four options when it comes to your money decision making. 

You can do it yourself. 

You can get some help. 

You can get good help. 

You can procrastinate.

Do it yourself

If you’re really interested in money and have time to do all the research yourself, taking this approach can lead to serious growth of your money muscle over the long term. 

The downside of this approach is the time cost, and the fact you have to learn through trial and error, making mistakes that slow down progress getting ahead. A word of warning here: when you extrapolate out the cost of these mistakes over the years ahead, it generally runs into at least the six figure territory – so tread carefully here. 

You can get some help

Having someone in your corner can help you build serious confidence and take action with your money, saving you a heap of time and frustration in the process.

But as mentioned in my last email, you should understand the difference between getting some help and getting good help – specifically the dollar difference in the growth of your wealth. 

You can get good help

Calling out with this one that of course we’re completely biassed because this is what we do. But, getting the best help behind you from step one will mean you get ahead faster by taking advantage of every opportunity to get more out of your money.

The real measure of paying someone for help with your money is how much money they will make you. As I outlined in my last note our results speak for themselves, with the average annual benefit our clients received from the plans we put together is $71,203 each and every year, far outweighing the cost of the fees they paid us. You can check out more about the recognition Pivot has received for the work we’ve done in the awards board at the end of this email. 

You can procrastinate

Because money is one of these things that is important but often isn’t urgent, it’s easy for it to fall onto the backburner, being put off to a tomorrow that may never come around. The cost of going down this path is the opportunity cost of not taking the smartest actions now, which compounds every year forever. Please note we do not recommend you choose this option. 

How do you choose? 

We get that figuring out how to get on the front foot with your money is hard – this is why we give our time to help you understand your options and how to choose the path that’s right for you. 

You can learn more about our services, how and what we charge in this brochure, and we’ve put together a quick video talking it through here.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation. 


PS: If you want to learn more about the recognition we’ve received for the help we offer our clients you can check out our awards below.