PODCAST – #81 – [Express] Limiting beliefs and their impact on your money mindset

Ben Nash

Sadly, as humans we all have our flaws. Even I have a couple.


Most flaws come from our thinking and psychology which in a lot of cases don’t set us up for success. And one of the main big money mindset issues we have is around the limiting beliefs we hold onto that cause us to self sabotage.


I wasn’t aware of limiting beliefs until a little while ago where I was introduced to them through a collaboration I did. But then I ended up going down the rabbit hole learning about how limiting beliefs can hold us back. Then I immediately started noticing how they impact people’s money mindset and money decision making. In a lot of cases when I saw people really struggling to get anywhere near the sort of results that were possible based on what they had going on with their money.


In this session cover what limiting beliefs are and how they can impact your money, as well as some strategies that can help you avoid self sabotaging. I’ll be backing this one up with my next three posts on limiting beliefs in action and going through some case studies I’ve come across in my financial planning work.



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