How not taking action today will cost you $988,217

Ben Nash

Time and money is a beautiful thing – when it’s on your side. 

Unfortunately, when you let time pass without taking action you lose an opportunity. 

We’ve all been there, kicking ourselves for not pulling the trigger on that share purchase, starting a crypto portfolio, pushing to make a property purchase happen, or maybe even just being better with your budgeting. 

Looking back it seems like such an obvious move, but we let life get in the way and pay the price. 

And the thing is, when you really project that lost opportunity into the future, the cost escalates enormously. 

We know at Pivot that over the last year for our average client, the strategies we planned out provide an annual benefit of $71,203. But what is the true impact of this over time?

If you had invested $71,203 into the sharemarket 30 years ago, that money would be worth $988,217 today. We know the past doesn’t fully predict the future, but if the returns are anything similar moving forward this means the cost of inaction is huge today AND into the future. 

Whether you get Pivot to help you or not, we want you to avoid this cost and put yourself in a position to take confident action. 

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