PODCAST – #16 – I’m a millionaire in my 30’s. Now what?

Ben Nash

Made a bunch of money from a tech startup, received a chunky inheritance, or just made a pile of cash from your work, but not sure how to make sure that money creates the financial freedom you want? A first world problem for sure, but a problem that needs solving nonetheless. 


The problem is, the more money you have, the more options you have available to you. And, the bigger the numbers the scarier it can be to pull the trigger on big decisions / investments. 


In this session we cover the key things you need to understand so you don’t screw up the massive opportunity the money you’ve got provides. We cover some of the common strategies people use to remain financially free, and the common mistakes people in this position make that can sabotage their success. 


This session is perfect for people that are young and rich, and want to be smart when they make their money moves. 

I cover:

  • The most effective money strategies that drive financial freedom
  • The common mistakes the young + rich make that slows down money progress
  • How to get clear on your real money priorities so you can make the smartest decisions


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