Pivot client story w. Danny & Nikki – Building a rock-solid financial foundation with total confidence

Ben Nash

Pivot client story w. Danny & Nikki – Building a rock-solid financial foundation with total confidence


Covid left Danny and Nikki with a lot of uncertainty around their careers.
They felt overwhelmed by all the noise and opinions on money and finances from friends through to the media.
As the market picked up they felt constant FOMO and it left them ‘financially paralysed’.
Danny and Nikki had some robust long term goals and knew that they needed to put a plan in place ASAP. 


Frustrations when we first spoke

COVID created uncertainties around their jobs
Good savers, but didn’t have a plan
Overwhelmed by choices and the amount of information and noise around money and finances
Felt FOMO with other people investing and buying property, but still wasn’t sure what was right for them


 What were the tangible results?

The budget planner allowed them to increase their savings significantly
They were made accountable to their goals which kept them on track
Felt that they were clear on the risk to reward ratio when it came to their investments, which meant moving forward with confidence
No longer have FOMO! 


Where Danny & Nikki will be without advice and why they pays for advice

Day to day finances are no longer stressful and automated – everything from day to day spending right through to their investments are covered
Less ambiguity and clarity on their bigger picture –  certainty around things like family planning, marriage while continuing to build wealth
Clear that they’re not ‘missing out’- the process helped cut out all the noise for them
Finance stress has ultimately been muted
Ultimately happy to pay the higher price point to have the hands-on approach that Pivot Wealth offers and the care that’s taken through the process
If they tried to tread this path on their own, they wouldn’t have gotten very far and would probably still have all their money sitting in cash



Headline five – tips for other people in similar position

There’s a lot out there that you don’t know about. Find out what that is and see how it can benefit you. 
The small changes you can make today result in something quite significant long term
Everyone qualifies for doing better with their money
There’s someone out there that can give you a better idea around what you could do with you money
If you’re feeling anxious or nervous around other areas of your life, finances might be one area that you can easily get on top of to help alleviate that
Take the plunge – there’s probably a knowledge barrier at your own end and an adviser can help bridge that
It is a leap of faith, but know that everything is quantified so you’ll be clear on the outcomes and ROI



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