Pivot Client Story w. Karim – How to have your finances under control and still enjoy the finer things in life

Ben Nash

Pivot Client Story w. Karim – How to have your finances under control and still enjoy the finer things in life


Karim was earning a decent wage but still ‘felt poor’.
He wasn’t clear on what he should be doing next, but knew he needed to make more money moves soon to build his wealth for retirement. 
He didn’t feel confident with his finances and felt guilty enjoying life and spending on what he’d like to splash out on.
Karim was in desperate need of a clear plan to help him drive confidence with the future of his family’s finances.


Frustrations when we first spoke

Earned good money but still ‘felt poor’
Frustration around money coming in and just going out
Wanted to just feel on top of their money and have freedom to spend comfortably


 What were the tangible results?

Karim walked out with a strategic plan, PW stood out from other advisers by presenting a clear plan that was holistic and didn’t compromise on the nice things in life that Karim wanted to enjoy
Clear on the retirement nest egg
He can afford all the nice things provided that they have a plan
Balance of a sensible financial outlook plus factoring in all the nice things that he’d like to do

Where Karim will be without advice and why he pays for advice

Ability to accelerate his financial position using tactics such as debt recycling
Karim’s confidence with his money is now sky high and he now completely understands his position
Stress levels around money have decreased significantly
The ability to ‘pull levers’ – all of his financial decisions were stress tested so what to do next was clear and to feel confident

Headline five – tips for other people in similar position

The earlier start you better, every year matters when it comes to financial runway
Understand what you want to get out of life and the engage with an adviser to help map that out
Ensure that the adviser can give you an outlook to support you now all the way to retirement
Work with someone that will tick off all aspects of your finances so you can get the full picture
Understand how someone stress tests the data to ensure that your plan is robust

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