Pivot client story w. Kevin and Jenny – When you’ve hit your big financial goal, what’s next?

Ben Nash

Pivot client story w. Kevin and Jenny – When you’ve hit your big financial goal, what’s next?

Kevin and Jenny had bought their dream home and they weren’t too sure what to focus on next with their money. 
When they no longer had a goal they quickly saw that things got a bit ‘off track’. 
With Jenny about to start a new business and coming out the other side of the uncertainty of COVID, they knew that they needed to realign and refocus in order to level up with their money.


Frustrations when we first spoke

Were fortunate to buy their first home, but after settling in, they quickly realised that they had stalled with financial progress since they no longer had a goal and then caught themselves overspending
“Without a goal in mind anymore, we quickly caught ourselves overspending and suddenly relying on our credit cards”
Whilst they landed on their feet buying their first home, the process felt rushed and chaotic
The responsibility of finances fell solely with Kevin, while Jenny was busy building her business, which meant that only one person was across a lot of the financial decisions to date.


 What were the tangible results?

“It opened up the communication (around finances) between us…and helped us have bigger conversations that we don’t normally have”
Information around finances felt like Kevin and Jenny were drinking from a fire hose trying to digest what to do and when, the process really helped cut through the noise and helped them both make clear decisions and how to best move forward from here.
They suddenly had finance goals again and a plan around their finances, they’ve taken action and have investments outside of their home that are working for them


Where Kevin & Jenny will be without the advice and why they pay for advice

We’ve got a trusted point of contact that we can work with closely to help us navigate decisions and ultimately it saves us our own time and money
Kevin was looking for an adviser that presented unbiased advice and was strictly a fee for a service business to help give him confidence that their best interests were being served
He’s now ultimately left with a feeling of confidence, knows what his financial freedom number is and his mental load around finances has been significantly alleviated




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