Pivot client story w. Nicola – How to maximise my employee share program to get ahead

Ben Nash

Pivot client story w. Nicola – How to maximise my employee share program to get ahead

Nicola was living a frivolous lifestyle and not thinking about the consequences. Which meant she was having a good time but she started to have some fear around the future


Frustrations when we first spoke

Earning really good money and on a trajectory that continually increased and no plan around the extra money, which ultimately resulted in more spending at times
Took advantage of an employer share scheme which reaped great rewards, but also came with big tax bills
Essentially didn’t know what she didn’t know as far as finances 
Had a fear that financial advice would mean frugality
Was generally apathetic towards finances


 What were the tangible results?

Came out the other side with a new amount of knowledge when it came to their finances and felt ‘educated’
Working with Pivot, Nicola felt comfortable that we knew what we were talking about when it came to working with individuals who are young professionals and working in technology
Through the process, Nicola started to gather a more heightened awareness of her expenses and reevaluate her priorities


Where Nicola will be without the advice and why they pay for advice

Nicola has walked away feeling confident that she’s got a plan that’s flexible, feels safely diversified and ultimately more empowered when it comes to her finances
The automated aspect meant that Nicola didn’t feel overwhelmed and she could maintain her lifestyle decisions
Through the process, Nicola felt that she was able to work with Pivot in a partnership and lean on everyone in the business to help her focus on making CFO level decisions and the team could do the grunt work
I pay to have someone else help me make the best decisions when it comes to my finances


Headline five – tips for other people in similar position

Don’t fall into the inaction trap, take action immediately.
Doesn’t matter how much you earn or how much you save, the financial advice will benefit you
Leave it to the experts to making financial decisions for you when it’s not your area of expertise
You’ll wish you did this 5 years ago, so the next best time to start is today. 



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