Pivot client story w. Oliver – How to get onto the property ladder without sacrificing your lifestyle

Ben Nash

Pivot client story w. Oliver – How to get onto the property ladder without sacrificing your lifestyle


Oliver was an expat living in Australia with his family and had been moving countries for a few years and hadn’t taken the time to focus on finances and think about their future.
Having a conservative money mindset with a focus on saving, taking the leap to do anything with their money felt daunting. 
Oliver was a ‘numbers guy’, but quickly realised that his expertise wasn’t going to help him navigate homeownership.
Oliver and his family knew they needed a clear plan in place to shift home ownership from a dream into reality. 


Frustrations when we first spoke

Living in various countries the last few years meant that their finances took a backseat
Had a conservative money mindset, was always taught to ‘just save’
Being from Germany and living in Australia, wasn’t sure how to navigate finances and options here in Australia


 What were the tangible results?

The strategy session helped clarify what options were available to them and the ongoing service helped to keep them on track and made accountable for their goals
The process helped us be clear on hitting ambitious goals including taking lengthy periods of time out of work in the future and transitioning to part-time work to spend more time with the family in the future
Automating their finances helped ease any confusion they had around day to day spending as well


Where Oliver will be without the advice and why they pays for advice

Able to purchase their first property. Never thought that this was a possibility previously!
Working with Pivot Wealth helped Oliver and his family stay accountable to their financial goals
Could always see their money going out, but now he is clear on how their money is growing
The long term perspective helped give Oliver a real money mindshift
Overall feeling of ease when it comes to his personal finances despite the market going in all directions



Headline five – tips for other people in similar position

Start early, even if it’s with something small
Get advice so you can understand what’s possible and help you make the right decision
Take action now, that’s what will drive results
Even if you think you’re ‘good with numbers’, personal finances can be overwhelming and exhausting, get help and use an adviser as a sounding board
Do your due diligence, understand the process and how it’s going to help you – don’t be afraid to ask questions
If you’re going to make a big financial decision (buy a house, make an investment) – get advice



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