Pivot client story w. Olivia and Sean – How financial advice helps make dreams into reality

Ben Nash

Pivot client story w. Olivia and Sean – How financial advice helps make dreams into reality


Olivia and Sean saw a financial adviser over a decade ago and were told to “save some more and come back to me later”
They felt disheartened, left with an impression that they didn’t “have much” and that financial advice wouldn’t have much impact on their outcomes.
With some ambitious dreams and a desire to make some career changes, it started to feel like these were all pipe dreams. 
After starting a family and returning back to work, they were hungry to kick some personal goals and sick of feeling overwhelmed with finances.
It was time to level up and make those dreams a reality.


Frustrations when we first spoke

Just returned to work in a bigger capacity after having children
Felt that they hadn’t fulfilled the potential when it comes to their finances
Olivia had been in her job for a long time and was looking to transition into something new, so needed to feel secure around this change
Spare cash was just sitting in an offset which felt ‘good’, but they were convinced there was more of an opportunity there


 What were the tangible results?

Forced us to have conversations about what matters to us, which was a personal benefit. It then ultimately informed our final strategy, in turn, what we do with our money
They were ultimately able to shape a future that meant they were living a life they wanted vs what meant having the most money at the end of the day.
Post-process they ultimately felt relief and excitement going back into work and knowing that they were working towards their goals
All the things that they could only imagine that they could do are now a tangible reality that are clear goals for them


Where Olivia & Sean will be without the advice and why they pay for advice

Sean was hesitant and initially felt that no more value could be added, but quickly realised the things that they didn’t know about was what they really needed help with
Pivot Wealth is like a personal trainer, keeping us money fit and can even do the pushups for us!
Ability to put superannuation under the microscope and understand what was happening with this pot of money
All of their day to day savings and spending is taken care of now, which was lifted a burden off Olivia’s shoulders
They knew where they were at, they knew where they wanted to be, and working with Pivot Wealth helped them to work out all the steps to getting there
There’s a clear ROI
There’s unquantifiable value as well in how it’s going to make you feel, you’re going to be clear on your future, the time you personally can save, the list is endless



Headline five – tips for other people in a similar position

There’s a lot out there that you don’t know about. Find out what that is and see how it can benefit you. 
The small changes you can make today result in something quite significant long term
Everyone qualifies for doing better with their money
There’s someone out there that can give you a better idea of what you could do with your money
If you’re feeling anxious or nervous around other areas of your life, finances might be one area that you can easily get on top of to help alleviate that
Take the plunge – there’s probably a knowledge barrier at your own end and an adviser can help bridge that
It is a leap of faith, but know that everything is quantified so you’ll be clear on the outcomes and ROI



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