PODCAST – #125 Crypto podcast series story w. Alex Barrat – Investment Market Update

Ben Nash

In this episode, I chat with Alex Barrat from Stake, which is an investing platform that gives investors access to US shares.

We talk about general sorts of trends that he’s seeing in investment markets, and what’s happening on his platform. We talk about crypto and people investing or getting access to crypto through different types of shares and investments that are listed on the stock exchanges, as opposed to investing directly into crypto and how all of that works and what people should be thinking about there.

We spent a lot of time talking about the markets though, and just general trends. You know, the risks that we’re seeing now, what’s going on, where the opportunities are for investors and what people should be thinking about. If they’ve got money and they’re investing now, which is a question that I’m asking a lot, given that interest rates are so low.

And then we talk a bit about Alex’s money journey as someone that’s heavily involved in finances. We talk about some of the resources that he uses to educate himself and how he’s tackled, formulating his own investment approach, as well as some of the general tips for people looking to invest.


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