PODCAST – #127 How to push through the fear of f*ing up with your finances w. Dr. Amy Silver

Ben Nash

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Amy Silver. She’s a psychologist, speaker, author, and facilitator at her business at Dr. Amy Silver

Dr. Silver is an expert on managing emotions for high performance and wellbeing. We talked a lot about how fear can stop people from making the decisions that will actually lead to them living a bigger life.

We apply it back to what sort of paralyzes people when it comes to money as well, and how fear stops people from taking action. But I personally had a blast chatting to her and, learning a lot of stuff, was taking notes as we were going through. We’ve talked a bit about that and Amy’s journey with money and some of the lessons that she learned along the way. Hope you enjoy this one.


Dr. Amy Silver Clin Psy D, MPhil, MA, BSc(Hons) is a psychologist, international speaker, and author on the management of our emotions for high performance. Her programs help teams and whole organisations build courage, psychological safety, and culture of courageous conversations.

Her programs build courage within individuals and courageous conversations between people. She has published widely in academic journals and more accessible magazines and now publishes fortnightly in a popular business-focused blog/vlog called Silverlinings

She is a contributing author in many books including the acclaimed Oxford Handbook of Behavioural Experiments (for Oxford University), forthcoming collaborations Unite (ed. Julia Steel), and What’s Next? (Hagen, Butler, and Hodgson).

She is the author of the books Conversations Create Growth for managers and Brace for Impact (both available on her website). Her new book The Loudest Guest: How to control your fear is available through all good bookshops, Amazon and Booktopia.


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