PODCAST – #134 w. Chris Muddell – How to amplify your sales skills

Ben Nash

In this episode, I chat with Chris Muddell from Employsure. He’s a top-performing BDM of over a hundred plus salespeople in that organization.

We talk about some of his sales tips and hacks, the routines that he uses to maintain his high performance. 

Chris is actually an ex financial planner so we talk a bit about some of the money lessons that he learned over that career and in investing since then, as well as how Chris sets quarterly targets for his kids to help them be better financially. And how his eldest son, who is still very young, has managed to save five figures in investments.

Also, some of the things that he’s done to bring his kids on the money journey to financial freedom, along with his lovely wife,

Chris is one of the first employees at Australia’s fast-growth company, Employsure from 2012 until now, Chris remains working as an active top-performing BDM entering his first sales role in a start-up at the time, Employsure employed less than 15 staff.

In 2021, Employsure has more than 1000 staff and 29,000 clients across ANZ  nearly 9 years later, Chris remains at the top of the sales team of 120+ BDMS Achievements: one of the most decorated sales professionals in the B2SME space has engaged more than 1,200 new business clients and 30,000,000 in revenue  awards include BDM of the Year, Sales Leader of the Year, Service Partner of the Year  achievements include Million Dollar Club, Ambassadors Club, RSM Award, Ed Mallet’s 1st XV, In The Zone, Referral Champion, Managers Choice and more  on track to engage 240 new business clients and $4.8 million dollars in revenue in FY 21/22 

Chris sits at #1 new deals for the day, week, and month at the time of writing this (Jul 21) 

Mission:  Chris’s mission is to help show others that sales are not only easy but fun! Founder of Chris Muddell Business Coaching, Partner at SalesIQ Global. He presents keynotes on his methods including Sales Athlete and Repeatable Hyper-Sales Performance. Chris has presented at events including Sales Hacker Inc, B2B Sales Meetup, and various others. Chris is a father of three beautiful children and married to the love of his life Kara

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