PODCAST – #141 w. David Dugan – How to build intergenerational wealth

Ben Nash

In this episode of the How to be Successful with Money podcast, I chat with David Dougan. He is the Founder and Head Coach at an amazing business community called Abundance Global, where they help small businesses to create better businesses so that they can build intergenerational wealth.

We unpack some of the key tips and mistakes that people make business owners in particular, but also people with their finances more generally the top three drivers that David talks about that people need to do to create the business outcomes that they wanted, the business financial outcomes that they want. Then, we talk a bit about the good Doctor’s journey, some of the things that he learned along the way and tips.

Dr David Dugan has spent over 20 years mentoring high-performance individuals. He served in the Navy as a Commander and was awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Medal for his work during the 2004 Tsumai. His innate desire to serve led him to be the founder of ‘Abundance Global’ which supports small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Abundance Global has been a two times Telstra Business Awards finalist and our clients have experienced over 253% net profit increase, 6 years running. David operates from the ‘Business Owner Joy’ model which inspires clients to not only achieve success in their business and personal lives but in turn, ensuring everyone is giving back as much as possible to their community.


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