PODCAST -#163 Smart Money Challenge 4 – Segregate & Automate saving

Ben Nash

This is the fourth session for the Pivot Smart Money Challenge, where I’m talking all about automating your banking. So through the last few sessions, we’ve been working on creating the last budget that you need to prioritize your spending so that you can spend as much as you want on the day to day while still hitting your savings targets. If you haven’t already checked those out, I would strongly encourage you to go back and catch up before pushing on with this one because this session is all about translating that great savings plan into savings results. 

So we’ll talk about how to automate your banking hack some of the thinking and behavioural psychology stuff that can sometimes stand in the way between us and the things that we really want. I’ll give you some of the hacks that I found work from helping a bunch of people with this and give you the practical steps to implement it and make it happen.


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