PODCAST #206 w. Chris Gray – How to buy property like a pro [live event recording]

Ben Nash

This episode is a recording of a live event I did with Chris Gray, in which we talk all about the property market, where the property market has gone over the last little bit and where it might be going from here. As well as some property strategies and tactics that you can use to make smarter property decisions and ultimately grow your wealth through property faster and easier.

Chris Gray is the CEO of Your Empire, an independent property consultancy that builds investment property portfolios for time-poor professionals. In his earlier days, he personally taught clients how to create wealth & lifestyle options through investment property. He now better leverage his time by providing advice & strategies regularly through TV appearances, keynote speaking, his books & the general media. You can also see him at 6.30 pm Monday nights hosting Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel.

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