PODCAST – #94 – Ramon Cura Property Pro Series

Ben Nash

In this episode, as part of the Property Pro miniseries, I talk to Ramon Cura from Cura Property. He’s a buyer’s agent that finds sources, negotiates on properties for people that want to invest in property overseas. We talk about his take on the market now, a little bit on some of the fundamentals that he looks at that drive good property purchases, talk about the negotiating strategies that he has found to be effective in securing a property and in getting a good deal at the same time as well as the opportunities for buyers at the moment that he’s seen and the mistakes that people make.

Ramon is a Buyer’s Agent, Property Investment Adviser, and the founder of Cura Property. He worked in the property finance and real estate industry for over 12 years. 

Cura Property is a Buyer’s Agency, their purpose is to help clients buy their home or investment property as smoothly and with as little stress as possible.

Ramon started his business because of my personal experiences in buying and selling his own property. 

Ramon works closely with Mortgage Brokers, Financial Advisers, Accountants, and Real Estate Agents with the aim of creating win-win outcomes for all of our clients whether it be transacting the property, or making property investment decisions.

His mission is to be the most highly regarded Property Adviser by his clients and amongst industry peers. 


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