PODCAST – #24 – Property buying in a pandemic: Live event collab w. General Assembly

Ben Nash

With all the COVID disruption, mortgage interest rates at never-before-seen lows, and the government splashing cash around left-right-and-centre, is now the right time to invest into Australian property? There’s no doubt many younger Aussies that have been feeling ‘priced out’ of the property market in Australia’s capital cities are now seeing an opportunity to buy their dream property while prices are soft. But, with all the disruption, it’s more important than ever to be smart when you buy property.


In this episode we cover property buying basics, how to set up a COVID-proof property buying plan, and how to manage risk when you buy property so you can do it all without the stress.


I cover:

  • Property basics and how to get into the market
  • How you can manage key risks when you buy property
  • The property buying process & how to make your property purchase go smoothly


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