How to make it easy to save more money (faster)

Ben Nash

For most people, the idea of saving money conjures up images of a bummer of a lifestyle. Is it really possible to save money while maintaining an avo and haloumi diet? Can you actually save more money faster?

A good money system with good flow can have huge impacts on the financial results you get over time. So what do you need to make this happen and be really successful at saving?

Two words to get you started – prioritise and automate.

In this video, I talk about how with a little bit of focus and automation you can get your savings growing faster.

In a nutshell

  • Savings can be a real struggle
  • Create a good system that makes it easy for you to prioritise, save and manage your money.
  • Figure out your expenses (fixed, spending, debt, lifestyle, savings and investments) and then prioritise what’s most important for you to focus on
  • Creating a good automated banking structure will help get your money in the right places, at the right time without taking a lot of your time.

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You work hard and are earning good money, but you know you can be doing more with it. Does this sound like you?

It’s so easy to spend your money mindlessly on random crap that brings you little real value or enjoyment. The truly happy ones know how to spend well today AND still make sure there’s enough left to do plenty of cool shit in the future.

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