PODCAST – #10 – The six biggest money mistakes I see (and how to avoid them)

Ben Nash

After talking to a bunch of people I’ve found the fear of making a mistake is something that stops many from taking action. And fear is important because it stops us from doing something dumb and losing a bunch of money. But you have to do something or you’ll always be stuck in the same position…


So, in this episode, I cover the six biggest money mistakes we see and what you can do to avoid them. We help you learn from other people’s mistakes so you can achieve your version of awesome with money faster and with less stress.

I cover:

  • The six biggest mistakes that I see
  • The things that you need to understand
  • The impact of the mistakes
  • What you can do to avoid those mistakes
  • How to learn from the mistakes other people have made so you don’t have to make them for yourself

What you’ll learn:

  • The ‘right time’ fallacy and how it can cost you half your investment balance
  • How clarity and visibility can empower you to make smarter choices with confidence
  • When to go it alone and when to get good help
  • The Eisenhower principle and one of the biggest barriers to getting results
  • How a great investment can actually end up being a bad money move for you
  • Why choosing the best investment can be one of the biggest roadblocks to growing your investments

I hope you enjoy it.



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