Client stories

In our (biased) view, we think the service we offer is pretty good. But don’t just take it from us! We’ve put together a handful of stories from our clients here so you can get it straight from the source.


Got solid savings but unsure what to do with them, worried that you’re missing opportunities? This is where Celso had found himself when we started working together. By giving his a “lightbulb moment”, he chose a clear path and has since confidently moved forward like a boss.

Sarah (& Nick)

By getting Sarah and her partner in control of their money ins and outs and plugging them into our team of experts, they have ticked off goal after goal and are now in a position where Sarah can take a year off work. We live for transformations like this one.

Kate & Jon (& Fletcher)

If you’re at a fork in the road with your life and money and aren’t sure which option is best, check out this story. By helping Kate and Jon understand the implications of various decisions, they’ve gone from stuck and frustrated to confident and excited about their future.

Siobhan (& Sam)

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to money, and dealing with all this conflicting information gets exhausting! Hear how Siobhan and her partner sifted through the outside noise and got on the same page with money, de-stressing their lives along the way.

James & Laura

Do the short term pleasures in life look way too attractive to you? Before Pivot, James and Laura were happy, successful people but very much ‘living in the now’ with no plan for their money. They’re now focussed on the big things and seriously smashing their goals!


The stress and guilt that money can cause is REAL! Before we met Lauren, she was either spending money she didn’t have or saying no and constantly feeling the #FOMO. Today, she is growing her money, guilt-free and is travelling more than ever before!


For some people, money = worry, which is where Pip was at. Through some simple structure, Pip now stresses less about money and knows her day-to-day expenses are taken care of. She’s now loving life and has a clear plan to keep kicking goals in the future.


Erica was earning good money and saving it, but had no real clarity of what she was saving for. We’ve since helped her get excited about her savings and create the life she wants without the stress of money getting in the way.


Scotty hit that point when he realised that he needed to start ‘adulting’ with money. He was once a frivolous spender who used to hate thinking about money but he’s now kicking butt and not scared of the money stuff. He’s a real character; we hope you enjoy his story.

Luke & Jahna

‘Hope’ just doesn’t work as a money strategy, which is what Luke and Jahna had discovered before they met us. Bringing their separate finances together, we’ve since helped them find a way to spend money on the short term and long term things that matter most to them.