Corporate and group money education

Money is one of the leading causes of stress in Australia, as well as one of the leading causes of lost workplace productivity. We can help your team or community build their money knowledge and financial confidence.

About group training

Are you trying to create an epic team or be an employer of choice? Looking to add value to your community? Want some collaboration on the intersection of money and your area of expertise?

These days it’s more important than ever to give back to the teams that are important to you and the community as a whole. We love thinking outside the box about how to use our money knowledge to add value to your workplace team, community, or group.


What we can cover

Some of the areas we cover include; how to make smarter money choices, how to plan, (legal) tax reduction strategies, employer share plans, maximising super, and a bunch more. No matter where your team or community is at, we can tailor an education program to build financial confidence, money IQ, and reduce the stress that comes from not having your money stuff sorted. And we love helping people take control of their finances and start driving real results.

What to chat about how we can help?

Drop us a line through the contact field below and we’ll get in touch to discuss how this could work for your team or community

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What to expect

No agenda

We’re not linked to a bank or super fund so don’t have products to push

Practical Takeaways

So you can get started implementing the knowledge straight away

Build Motivation

We empower you to take confident action the smart way

No jargon

We avoid the confusing financial terminology to help build true confidence

Avoid Mistakes

We’ve seen them all and can show you how to avoid trouble

Real people

We keep things approachable so the sessions aren’t intimidating

Tips & Hacks

You get some ‘quick wins’ to takeaway so you can get started

Not boring

Money is an important area but it doesn’t need to be dry – we make it fun

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Pivot Wealth Events

What our event attendees have to say

Don’t just listen to us. Check out this clip to see what the people that have been to the Pivot money education events say.

Why we do events

Check out why we started doing events, and why we think money education is so important.