#233 Money news in human words; Rates up, property squeeze, banks on sale, Mt Gox, and ZIP wobbles

Ben Nash

In this episode, I talk about the RBA decision to increase interest rates by 50 basis points, what it means for mortgage holders, and some things people should consider around these changes and raises of interest rates. Sort of related to that is the property market squeeze and unpack a lot of the data sitting around the property market at the moment and where to go from here as well as the strategic considerations for property buyers and owners in the current climate.

I talk about the Aussie banks struggling at the moment with the economic conditions, the impact on the share price performance, and some of the opportunities I’m seeing around this full recovery. The fact that ZIP pay has shut down one of its major business arms in a way to stem the outflows of cash and how Mt. Gox is about to release about 150,000 frozen bitcoins to investors that have had their money tied up since 2014.

This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to see through the headlines and understand what it all means for them.

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