How to get money smart when changing jobs

Ben Nash

I recently did a collab with the legends at Sales HQ, an Australia wide but Sydney based recruitment company that specialise in recruitment for sales roles.

Being the forward thinking legends they are, the Sales HQ team were keen to add some value to their client community beyond just doing an epic job at recruiting. So they asked me to put together some content that could help their clients get on the front foot financially when they were going through the process of changing jobs.

And it got our collective content cogs a turnin’. We asked a bunch of people about the money questions and frustrations when they changed jobs, and boiled them down into five tips and five opportunities to get better money results when you change jobs.

What we found is below.

Starting a new role can often lead to an increase in your income. Which can help you get ahead. BUT, we’ve found not enough people take advantage of this extra money and put it to good use.

So, we’ve put together a free video training series for us on ‘Getting money smart when changing jobs’. This series has been designed to help point you in the right direction when it comes to how you spend, save and invest your hard-earned income.

In these videos, we’ll will help you:

● Make the most of your income

● Save more and invest it wisely

● Avoid many of the mistakes people make when they change jobs

Check out the first video of the series which tackles the concept of ‘Lifestyle Creepbelow, and you can register for the rest of the free training here.




And to get the rest of our money tips, hacks, and tools straight to your inbox you can subscribe to our YouTube here. You can also sign up for the rest of the series here.

And to find out more about Sales HQ, connect with them on LinkedIn or head to

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