PODCAST #221 Money news in Human words; Sharemarket woes, mortgage lending tightening, big tech & Labour government economic impact

Ben Nash

In this episode, I unpacked Money news in human words, where we talked through the key stories that you need to understand and what they mean for your money.

I talked about the share market being in the crosshairs of the federal reserve in the US and central banks around the world, what that means for investment markets over the next little bit and some of the changing standards to mortgage borrowing from the big four banks in Australia. The fact that big tech is getting more power with the rises in inflation, what’s going on at the moment, what the impact of the labour government could potentially mean for investment markets in the economy over the next little bit, suburbs around Australia, Sydney in particular, some of the discounts to property selling against their listing prices, as well as some of the scary interest rate predictions that at the moment.

This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to understand the substance behind the headlines and what they should do from here.


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