PODCAST – #98 – Amanda Bennett Property Pro Series

Ben Nash

In this episode, I talked to Amanda Bennett from Elan Legal. She is a conveyancer and helps people with the legal side of property purchases. We covered a bit of ground, but we were talking about the contract mistakes that she sees, what a conveyancer actually does and, why that’s important when you should be engaging, someone to do your conveyancing and how to choose someone to support you in that space as well as take on the property market. We got a little bit off-script and talked about company titles and what that actually means for property, as well as whether it’s a good or a not so good investment, and also some of the tips and things to look out for when buying a property to make sure that you don’t get burned.

Amanda is the owner and principal of Elan Legal with over 13 years of property experience in some of the state’s top law firms. Amanda is an experienced and respected licensed conveyancer and a Justice of the Peace for NSW.

She has worked for a broad range of companies and law firms and acted on behalf of large property corporations and most of the large banks. She now uses this intimate knowledge as an advantage to ensure negotiations and outcomes that benefit her clients.

Amanda is passionate about providing a service that reflects the needs and wants of each individual she serves as well as fully representing their interests. As a qualified conveyancer with a Bachelor of Business, and an Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing Law and Practice, Amanda is fully conversant with all aspects of property law as well as bringing practical commercial knowledge to her business clients’ transactions.


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