PODCAST – #99 – Ed Sainsbury Property Pro Series

Ben Nash

In this episode, I chat to Ed Sainsbury who runs the mortgage side of Raiz Home Ownership. Ed has actually interestingly started working in fast food and run some businesses then did a tech startup and then went into the land of banking for almost two decades. And has recently jumped out to get involved with the Raiz guys.

Now I talked to Ed about his take on lending and how to get a good deal. When you borrow what to look for in a lending partner, we talk about some of the first home buyers, grants and concessions that are available, and some of his tips for first home buyers that are looking to get into the market as well as how to choose a good property.

Ed is the Head of Raiz Home Ownership at Raiz Invest. Raiz Invest is an Australian financial technology company operating in Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. It allows Australian customers to micro-invest the remaining round-up of everyday purchases in exchange-traded funds.

He is a creative, dynamic, and successful People Leader in the fields of banking, investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has a strong track record leading banking and wealth advisory teams, business strategy development, and execution. Excellent stakeholder management skills and an ability to influence at the C-Suite and Board level, both externally and internally. Experience and exposure to PPPs, equity, and advisory transactions.

Ed has strong technical expertise in complex debt transactions (property, M&A, securitization, cash flow), global markets transactions, asset and receivables finance, and investment transactions.


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