About our advisers


What makes our advice different

At Pivot we’ve learned that while everyone’s situation is unique, ultimately most people looking to get ahead face some common challenges with money. (1) They struggle with information overload and the overwhelm that comes with it, (2) it’s hard to find balance between getting ahead AND living an epic life at the same time, and (3) there is a strong fear of making a mistake that will cost you a bunch of money. The end result is being ‘stuck’ not getting the results you want.

The Pivot Wealth smart money frameworks and financial advice services have been designed to give a tried and tested, consistent, and reliable approach to helping our clients make the best financial choices, maximising every opportunity available to them, and building true confidence in your direction and where you’re headed with your money.

Emily Djekovic

Emily specialises in developing a financial freedom strategy that is centric to our client’s needs. With no exact formula for what a good outcome looks like, she works closely with each client to understand their lifestyle and how to maintain this right through to and beyond retirement. She is passionate about making smarter choices with YOUR money and ensuring that younger people can create a life not limited by money.

Areas of expertise

  • Working with clients across a large range of income brackets, predominately in their 20s, 30s and 40s – helping to create a life not limited by money
  • Property purchase and debt recycling
  • Investments portfolio management
  • SMSF’s
  • FIRE strategies
  • ESPP, ESOP, GSU’s, RSU’s and employer benefits
  • Estate planning and education funding strategies


  • Certified Financial Planner®
  • Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Applied Finance)
  • Accredited Listed Product Adviser Program
  • Self-Managed Super Fund Program


Emily’s passions: Neville her dog, travel and riesling

Sal Miceli

Sal has dedicated his career to helping clients simplify the language of money and has a genuine passion in guiding clients to Financial Freedom. His experience and genuine care led to his clients achieving phenomenal goals that they otherwise would have never thought would be possible.

Sal has been in the Financial Planning Space for over 5 years. His biggest success comes from his recent role in a start up Financial Services Firm- scaling over $300M in net wealth across their client base. Sal’s area of expertise lies with Small Business Owners who are crushing it in business and are looking for options on how to convert their business profits to personal wealth.

Areas of expertise

  • Cash Flow Management and Savings Strategies
  • Debt and Investment Strategies- particularly property and shares
  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning
  • Future Generation Planning
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Minimisation & Tax Structures
  • Ongoing Coaching, Accountability & Mentorship


  • Masters of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major)
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • FASEA Certified
  • Tax (Financial) Adviser- Tax Practitioners Board Accreditation

Sal’s Passions- Boxing, Strength Training, Fitness and Time with his Family

Aaron Wijesinghe

With almost a decade of experience in the Financial Advice industry, Aaron has built a deep expertise in providing financial advice to technology employees and their families. Over the years, Aaron has advised many HNW and UHNW families and those looking to build serious wealth. Aaron’s expertise also extends to growing families that are looking for help getting unstuck and wanting a clear path forward for growing their wealth and creating a better future. 

Aaron is a firm believer in the transformational power of financial advice and enjoys being there for his clients, helping them plan for and navigate their big milestones. Whether it’s buying or upgrading their home, buying an investment property, changing careers or starting a family, Aaron is here to help you along your journey and create a life not limited by money.    

Areas of Expertise

  • Wealth Creation & Investing
  • Employee Share Schemes: ESS/RSUs, ESOPs, ESPPs and other employee share benefits
  • Clients predominantly aged in their 30’s and 40’s
  • Property & Debt Recycling Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Protection


  • Masters of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Applied Finance with the Bachelor of Economics
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Diploma of Financial Planning

Aaron’s passions: spending quality time with his wife and dog, all things health and fitness, and travel

Toby Shabtay

Toby takes a client-centric approach, crafting personalized strategies that align with each individual’s unique goals. Whether it’s exploring the world, making a difference, pursuing new opportunities, or enjoying a worry-free retirement, Toby’s holistic approach ensures that his clients’ aspirations are at the core.

With a background in accounting and insurance, Toby’s clients benefit from his numbers-focused approach. But his philosophy goes beyond accumulating wealth; it’s about using wealth to create a life without financial constraints. Toby believes that true wealth is measured in the richness of experiences, transcending the limitations of money.

Areas of expertise:

  • Financial modelling and scenario planning
  • Banking/Cash Flow Structure and Savings Strategies
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Property and Debt Recycling Strategies
  • Equities portfolio management
  • Employer Share Schemes
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting Majors)
  • Diploma of Financial Planning